Saturday, 14 November 2009

Angels' Gardens

Angels’ Gardens - A Metaphysical Story
Gabriella Kasoulidou’s Angels’ Gardens is an inspiring story of self-discovery and enlightenment that opens doors to endless possibilities.

Angels' Gardens

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 21, 2009 – Michaella, a young Greek woman, questions whether she has a destiny or if she possesses free will.

At a crucial period in her life, and open to other avenues of thinking, she realizes that her existence is not limited to that of her present world. Learning that she can and does inhabit a different energy field, she frees herself to explore such questions as: Are we masters of our life and to what extent? Is there an end to life or just another beginning and is time a reality in all worlds?

Breaking free of limitations, Michaella finds herself in other planes of existence. She adopts an orphan boy, becomes a writer, and meets the love of her life. Guiding her through are those inhabitants of another existence, angels, who become guides to her discovering what had always been within her reach; her soul’s calling and true, infinite love.

Kasoulidou’s story combines science, philosophy, and the real essence of religion to create a magical and inspiring novel that readers will remember long after its exquisite ending.

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ISBN: 978-1-60860-997-0

About the Author:
Gabriella Kasoulidou is a writer and former lawyer and shipbroker. Mrs. Kasoulidou is currently writing her next book and lives with her husband, Antonis, near Athens, Greece.

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