Monday, 1 March 2010

Is there a destiny?

Is there a destiny?

Destiny, Kismet, is a strong belief in the Eastern World. Everyone when born his fate is written and his path predestined. Is this true? Do we accept this dogma? Our Western culture does not. Instead it asserts that: we create our own fate.

Where then lays the truth?

Simply that both beliefs are true.

Eastern people, in all aspects of their life, religion, philosophy and so forth, are basically introverts. They look inside themselves in search of truths and as a consequence they expect that external events will happen anyway, “whatever will be, will be,” their only choice being the way they react to them and face them.

Western people, on the other hand, are extroverts, who look into the external world, their surroundings and want to control and conquer them, being this way more aggressive and consequently they have to believe that they themselves are capable of creating their destiny.

How then can both be true?

When we are born in to this world we carry with us certain inherent qualities, we are born into certain surroundings, in particular families, with hereditary genes, in particular nations. We are born under some or other astrological signs and carry probably our own karma from previous lives. Provided of course you believe in the existence of previous lives. Therefore, in most probability, taking into consideration all those factors, a path of destiny is written. If nothing else happens, if we do nothing but follow that path, if others do not interfere, then our destiny will be as written, kismet is sure.

What happens though when we interfere in some way, if events happen that force us to take a decision or other, or even prevent us from doing just that, if we are given a choice to change our life or surrender to our fate or fight for a different outcome? Can we call that fate? Definitely not!

As I see it everyone is born with a destiny but nothing prevents him from changing that destiny on the way. In some cases with difficulty, I admit, but nevertheless there would not have been free will in man if changing his destiny was out of his reach. It is true, of course, that every time that we take a decision to change our life and we take a first step towards it, we are creating instantly another destiny, a different kismet which awaits us at the end of the road. This does not mean that we cannot always change that route too.

Many books have been published about how man creates his own destiny depending not only on what decisions he takes but what thoughts he makes or words he uses. The truth is that we, by our every action, thought or feeling create different energy waves that carry our will out there. But even that doesn’t it show that we are exercising our own free will? After all this is amongst others, what makes us human.

Gabriella Kasoulidou

Angels’ Gardens-A metaphysical story or a philosophical Myth

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